204 000

unique downloads of the tablet version


A Satellite TV provider in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic, offering ten programming packages, including one free. Skylink  currently has about two million clients. We have been cooperating since 2013.


  • Maintaining existing customers
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Increasing the number of transitions of existing clients to more extensive packages
  • Finding new subscribers


Skylink Magazine

Creating the content
  • A printed magazine with a 14-days TV program and information about the offered packages complemented by the leisure content concerning the world of film and television. Each issue also includes an interview with some celebrity. The magazine is delivered to existing subscribers by mail, free of charge.
  • A lite version without the TV program is being delivered to selected former and potential customers (but no more than twice a year), and its purpose is to gain new subscribers.
  • The tablet version of the magazine contains, compared to the printed version, four more sections. It is available for free in the AppStore and Google Play, and it is always released a week later than the printed magazine. The electronic version of the magazine was also promoted through direct mail and WebView.
All versions are released in Czech and Slovak language.

For the year 2015

25% increase of the annual income

204 000 unique downloads of the tablet version
98% extremely satisfied readers
up to 68 000 downloads by users who are not subscribers
1/10 magazine has become one of the 10 major sources of website visits

Na Hutích 662/11 Praha 6 – Dejvice
Czech Republic

+420 602 178 111 +420 731 529 397

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