64.6 %

senators voted against exception

“Thanks to our cooperation, we influenced our senators to “do the right thing”. We also adopted some procedures that McShakespeare had used in the campaign. And above all, we value personal engagement!”

Martin Luhan
Campaign Coordinator, Frank Bold Society


The state reconstruction is a joint project of a number of anti-corruption organizations, experts, companies, deputies and senators. Its aim is to eradicate corruption in Czech politics and society, which is also covered by nine major laws that promote the project. Five of them (including, for example, the enforcement of the laws on property declarations of politicians or the cancellation of anonymous shares) the Reconstruction has already completed. Our cooperation concerned the Act on the Register of Treaties, i.e. the publication of contracts concluded by the State on Internet. Members of Parliament have proposed broad exceptions for state and municipal companies. However, this „curled“ form no longer fulfils its function and allows any unfair practices to hide. The Senate had to vote on the exceptions on April 19, 2017. And our common task, which we had about a month and a half, was to convince the senators to vote against the exception and send the law back to the Chamber of Deputies.


  • Make Senators vote against the exception
  • Make people aware of their voice and write an email to their senator
  • Increase awareness of the contract register
  • Alert the public about the upcoming vote and its severity


  • We want to see it – strategy and creative campaigns alerting the forthcoming voting and the fact that the public depends on what it does with its money
  • Road show organization in cities where the non-decided senators were in the office
  • Create a landing page with the option to send an email to the senator
  • Creativity for a billboard campaign
  • Distribution of photo albums to all 81 senators – we have pasted the photos of the citizens with the frame „We want to see it“ from the road shows and the letter signed by the ambassadors Reconstruction of the state


Senators voted against exception!

64.6 % senators voted against the proposal
430 people pictured themselves in the campaign's frame

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