increase in intranet traffic

“You have helped us to map the communication needs of our employees and to set up a new functioning of our internal system, which is now very popular.”

Helena Mládková

Head of Group Internal Communication in KB


Commercial Bank is one of the largest Czech banks and it has about 400 branches across the country. The intranet is therefore crucial for the internal communication as a backbone system not only for the communication but also for management of protocols and guidelines, project documentation, and a knowledge base of the entire company. However, the system was outdated and did not fulfil its function, so the bank has decided to develop a new and more functional intranet, of whose contents we were supposed to care. The cooperation began in November 2014 and lasted half a year.


Our task was to set up a new system in terms of its content, so that it meets the basic requirements of the bank. In order to know how to optimally configure the system, we have worked closely with the bank employees, but also with the suppliers of IT solutions. We spent more than half a year in the bank. The objective was:

  • to create such intranet, which
    • meets the needs of the employees
    • is well arranged and used
    • has defined the rules for content management and the “role” of the users
    • unifies corporate culture and does not unnecessarily use “officialdom work.”


  • Mapping the needs of the employees and their communication habits and expectations, thanks to a series of focus groups across the country
  • Determination of the so-called “Tone of Voice” – a method of communication
  • Defining user roles and division of intranet sections using “Content governance”
  • Designing modular home page on the intranet, so that it contains the information needed for each user individually
  • Creating a communication campaign for the promotion of the system



increase in intranet traffic

Efficient and user-friendly intranet that facilitates the work of the employees. The proof is higher traffic and user satisfaction.

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