We have content in our blood! Classic advertising in traditional media brings fewer and fewer benefits for your brand and your customers. We don’t overload the customer with advertising slogans; instead, we tell them a captivating story about your brand. For us there are no bad stories, just inexperienced storytellers.

We are an agency that connects content marketing with media relations. We believe that today every company must create its own content, because only then can it more effectively spread its ideas [OR message] among customers. There’s no point in waiting for someone to write about you. Write it yourself. We will either teach you how to do it or we will prepare an entire turnkey solution for you. The core of our know-how is based on a combination of journalism, PR and online marketing. We can analyze the client’s needs, create a content strategy, and then spread it across the Internet and beyond.

What is this content marketing about?

To put it simply, content marketing is about] captivating customers’ attention in their free time through well-written, compelling articles, blogs, videos or mobile apps. Our content must be of high-quality to bring benefits, relevance and entertainment to the reader.

Well, where can I find an example of content marketing?

Danish toy making giant The Lego Group’s feature-length blockbuster, The Lego Movie, had an excellent screenplay that appealed both to children and adults. This is important because while it’s the children who will fall in love with the film’s characters, the adults will be the ones to ultimately take out their wallets and decide on the purchase. Moreover, the story reflected the brand’s main philosophy – don’t let anyone to take away your imagination; create your own world.

Em si ʃeɪkspɪər? Are you some sort of rapper, or what?

We tell stories that attract the customer. Our William Shakespeare of 2014 calls himself Billy and wears a red baseball cap. He has put Mc in front of his name because he grew up in a world of fast food where a computer sporting an apple has a similar name. More or less.

Can you teach us so that we can do it ourselves?

We can, certainly. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s more convenient to have us create, produce and spread the content for you or whether you want us to train your in-house employees.

What we do

We tailor-make content for the client, we produce it and deliver it to the right eyes and ears. Unlike advertising that annoys people in their spare time, we can reach out to customers using articles, blogs, videos or infographics. All of these are just tools “to transfer” the content. The content must always be relevant, helpful or entertaining. Only then will it bring likes, leads, conversions and a stable database of customers who return.

Our clients




We use content as a modern way to establish long-term relationships with customers. First, we focus on understanding what issues are troubling our customers and then we give them content that addresses these issues with perfectly tailored solutions.

We have prepared content strategies for online products of the insurance company Allianz, logistics consultants Logio as well as the building society Českomoravská stavební spořitelna.



Research tells us that before making any purchase, 85 per cent of customers today study the Internet, compare offers and read reviews and discussion forums. We not only make turnkey websites and applications, but we can also produce the most important thing: content that will best attract customers and persuade them to make a purchase.



One picture can say more than a thousand words. And what if you make a video with 60 frames per second? Relying exclusively on written content is becoming obsolete. Today’s social and online media platforms now openly invite you to produce video content. You don’t want to fall behind the times? So, then: “Lights, camera, action!”



We will build up social media for you so that they facilitate meaningful dialogue between your brand and your customers. We employ up-to-date tools that are able measure our website activity and compare it with the competition.

The work of our social network experts is behind the achievements of companies such as ČMSS, Logio, Fortuna, Kamikaze and Prague City Tourism.



Content marketing can also perform the lion’s share of the work in communication towards employees. Do you regularly struggle to get employees to read the internal newsletter, resulting in “information holes” that negatively affect their work? We’ll create a communication mix tailored exactly to the requirements of your company culture, as we have already done at Komerční banka, Avtovaz and Logio.



Print magazines still maintain a strong position. For certain target groups they represent an irreplaceable medium. Our experience in this ranges[OR MAYBE: We have broad experience in this area, ranging] from managing nationwide newspapers and magazines to graphic design, photography, printing and distribution.

For example, we produce editorial content for the magazine of satellite operator Skylink TV, which has up to 250,000 readers in the Czech R



A less expensive variant of the classic paper magazine is an online version. We can produce them at varying intervals, depending on your strategy, and then post them at virtual newsagents, such as Publero or ISSU.



We can help even if you aren’t sure of your specific needs]. We’ll familiarize ourselves with your company life, make an analysis of your needs and prepare a plan with clearly defined goals. We are able to regularly measure the results of our work and report them to you.


David Shorf

ideas, networking, synergy, The X Factor, writing, perception

One of his characteristic traits is to compare absolutely everything with a corresponding situation in the Israeli Army. For example, he’s fond of the Hebrew phrase used in army training, ein lo yachol, yesh rak lo rotze, which literally means there is no “I cannot”, there’s only “I will not”. In Israel, he read English literature and served in the army, but after six years he decided to come back to the Czech Lands. There he missed three of his basic passions in life: ice hockey, science fiction and heavy metal. He found his place in journalism, which he enjoyed for fifteen long years. He became deputy editor-in-chief at the Czech daily Lidové noviny for ten years, having asked for the position at a pizzeria in the village of Kolovraty.

LinkedIn/David Shorf

Radim Jung

ideas, execution, networking, strategy, certainty, reliability

He admires intelligence, sports and gastronomy. He is a Prague hipster despite himself. Although he rides his bike sporadically, you can find all other features of this urban breed in him. He shows real passion when talking about food and drink. For example, he will tell you how the independent film Sideways destroyed sales of Merlot in America or what the “14 rule” refers to in coffee-drinking etiquette. Not only does Radim know about all these things, but he experiences them to the fullest. By the way, he also grows his own fruits and vegetables at Prazelenina, a local community garden. He’s also a great juggler and a former squash champion (today it’s golf). His world stands on two pillars – great ideas and Excel worksheets. He’s sort of a hybrid between a creative director and financial director, which – as you certainly appreciate – is a rather rare combination.

LinkedIn/Radim Jung

Lucie Dobešová

conscientiousness, feet firmly on the ground, account management

Lucka is the liaison officer for our contact with reality. She can grasp the abstract ideas that come from our brainstorming and sort them into different tasks while keeping an eye on their fulfilment later on.
She loves everything with dots and enjoys cakes (she likes chocolate ones best with chocolate and chocolate!) Her passion for sweets does not rule out an indisputable sporting spirit – now and then she jogs to work and she also likes to dance all night to the rhythm of swing. On rare occasions she explores the mountains in Nepal or tries out her surfing skills in Sri Lanka. Lucka studied marketing in Zlín and later gained experience working for small Czech agencies, big multinational agencies, and has worked on the client’s side as well.

LinkedIn/Lucie Dobešová

Iva Macků

texts, all sort of conceptual creations, daydreaming

Where else could she make use of her nearly three years’ of experience as a copyrighter for McDonald’s than at McShakespeare, where the position of creative director was created just for her? After a stint as a pedagogical and traffic (yes traffic) psychologist in Brno she worked at three network agencies and, while there, she came to the conclusion that great things can be done elsewhere too. She loves “Futurama”, Garfield, the sea, books and magazines. She used to write novels for girls, co-wrote a TV children’s story and a vlog. She’s planning to write a novel for adult readers but hasn’t written a single line yet. Let’s hope it goes well.

LinkedIn/Iva Macků

Ondřej Nečas

Project management, strategy, internet, humours, and cafés

Before Ondra took over the position of a project manager and strategist in McShakespare, he had been gaining his experience in PR, digital, and social areas – e.g. in PR agencies Konektor, Havas, PRIA or Mustard. Ondra comes from Moravia, but now, he is an evil Praguer (except that in football he remains a fan of the 1. FC Slovácko team). He immensely enjoys the universe and its infinity, as well as the NOTHING before the Big Bang. That is one of the reasons, why he founded, along with his closest friends and his brother, the exclusive Club of general sciences doctors, which, in the comfort of one Prague café, argue since the very morning about the issues of European integration, food supplements or philistinism of arthouse films.

LinkedIn/Ondřej Nečas
Darek Černý

Darek Černý

management, project management, starrring at the wall

Darek is an evangelist of beardness. He has already let his beard influence the world well being in PR, advertising, digital, and performance agencies, sports clubs, and multinational corporations. When he is not managing his accounts, he is hanging around barbershops, geeks out over comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy. In his youth he used to have the best seats reserved at the basketball match eve-ry weekend – on the bench, right next to the coach. Since then, he has taken everything in a sports-manlike manner, but he can also fight for a ball.

LinkedIn/Darek Černý

Josefína Smrčková

copywriting, production, spreading peace and love

Pepi came to us, to Dejvice, to do what she enjoys the most – to write. Before she decided to try working in a content agency, she took care of the content in a Czech IT firm, and before that she had worked for the fashion e-shop. But change is life and there is no time to waste time. When she’s not working, she likes to spend her time outdoors and to have picnics with friends (regardless of the season) or she gets to know European capitals. She has two role models – her father and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Filip Zapletal

Filip Zapletal

business development, expansion, charisma, project management

Has he already called or written to you? His main task is spreading contract optimism and finding new clients. Thanks to his vigour and sometimes even a little impudence, he can find business opportunities not only with large multinational companies, but also with smaller companies, where he can sense the opportunity for further growth. He is a big fan of George R. R. Martin and Francis Underwood. He loves good company and good gastronomy.

LinkedIn/Filip Zapletal
Zora Makovská

Zora Makovská

Black metal, design, graphics

Zorka practiced graphic design since childhood when she was passionately drawing all over paper, wall, and furniture. She got so much into it, that she decided to study graphic design and promotion. After her studies, she worked in an advertising agency where she collected the valuable knowledge and skills she now uses creatively in McShakespeare as a junior graphic designer. Apart from graphic design, she also practices digital drawing and takes care of her dog while listening to Nordic Black Metal.

Friends of McShakespeare


Kamil Holán (art director) Ayala Tal (ilustrátorka) Jen Zápotocký (social media expert) Michal Holčík (PR specialist Slovensko) Nikki Shorf (make-up artist) Martin Černý (programátor) Michal Hošek (graphic design) Jan Koudela (animátor) Jaroslav Ostrčilík (content writer & PR specialist) Marty (kreslíř, textař, hudebník, kreativec) Jiří Charvát (blogger, copywriter) Markéta Lukášková (bloggerka, novinářka) Ludmila Fuchsová (ilustrátorka), Iva Pospíšilová (korektorka).


We can captivate our customers with content and we can speak with them throughout the year. Every day. 365 days
a year, 24/7.

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Prague-Dejvice is no longer only a luxury residential area. There is a nearby university campus and Technical University that pump exceptionally interesting people into the circulation of our “neighbourhood life”. And when you have someone to chat with, it’s a pleasure to pop over to the Italian’s for a proper coffee, to a trattoria for some homemade pasta or to the Lebanese’s for fresh hummus.

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